Women’s History Month 2021

We have been honoring Women’s History throughout March on our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram by highlighting women judges in South Carolina.

Below are the informational slides we made, with links to more information about each of these judges.


Michele Patrao Forsythe - First-generation American, fluent in Spanish and Portuguese - UofSC School of Law graduate - South Carolina Family Court judge

Learn more about Judge Forsythe: https://www.sccourts.org/familyCourt/displayFCjudge.cfm?judgeid=4184#

Judge Shiva Hodges - Bachelors, masters, and law degrees from UofSC - U.S. Magistrate Judge for the District of South Carolina - One of the youngest federal judges when she was appointed in 2010

Learn more about Judge Hodges: https://www.leadershipsc.com/alumni/shiva-hodges/

Judge Alison Renee Lee - One of the first Administrative Law Judges upon the creation of the South Carolina Administrative Law Court - South Carolina Circuit Court judge

Learn more about Judge Lee: https://www.sccourts.org/circuitCourt/displaycirjudge.cfm?judgeid=2118


Justice Kaye Hearn - Graduated cum laude from UofSC School of Law, 1977 - Became a family court judge, 1986 - Elected to the SC Court of Appeals, 1995 - Elected Chief Judge of the SC Court of Appeals, 1999 - Became the second woman Justice of the SC Supreme Court, 2009

Learn more about Justice Hearn: https://sccourts.org/supreme/displayJustice.cfm?judgeID=1139