Resource Review: AILALink

by Dan Brackmann, guest author

AILALink is the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s “one-stop shop for immigration law research.” Within it, you will find primary materials, governmental memos and cables, government manuals, conference proceedings, and digital versions of most of AILA’s various treatises (under “AILA Books” in the left-side navigation bar), many of which discuss immigration law’s interactions with other areas of law.  These treatises include, but are not limited to,:

  • Kurzban’s Immigration Law Sourcebook
  • Immigration Law & the Military
  • Immigration Consequences of Criminal Activity
  • Business Immigration: Law & Practice
  • Immigration Law & the Family
  • International Adoption and Other Immigration Options for Children

screenshot of ailalink with the AILA books link circled.

You can find a complete list of content here:

AILALink offers Advanced Search, Boolean Search, INA/CFR Search, and Find a Case.  To learn to use the database, look to AILA’s live training, video training, and a User Guide.

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