Resource Review: Fundamentals of Government Information

by Dan Brackmann, guest author

The government collects and aggregates a lot of information which makes it a prime source of data for researchers of all stripes.  As the ALA states, “Government data and resources are uniquely useful to researchers and other library users.”

Unfortunately, finding that information can occasionally be challenging, whether it is understanding the source you are looking at, finding the information in the vast maze of government websites, or even knowing the source exists at all.  For all these things, Fundamentals of Government Information is a useful go-to guide that covers all types of government information—where it is and how to find it.

the cover of the book Fundamentals of Government Information by Cassandra J. Hartnett, Eric J. Forte, and Andrea Sevetson.

From Congress and the President to education datasets to environmental and health information, this manual explains types and sources of government information and statistics.

You can find this book on the reference shelves in the library!

Casandra J. Hartnett et. al, Fundamentals of Government Information (2d ed. 2016).