50 Years of Title IX

Today we recognize 50 years since Title IX became law.

To find an image of the original legislation as a public law, using the law library’s online resources:

1. Go to law.sc.edu/library, and click Law Databases.


2. Click ProQuest Congressional.


3. Search for “Title IX” and limit the search to documents dated June 23, 1972.

search bar under Legislative & Executive Publications: "Title IX"
Limit by Date
Date is... Jun 23 1972

4. Click to download the PDF of Public Law 92-318, Education Amendments of 1972.

screenshot highlighting Download PDF
screenshot of page 373 (as numbered at top right, or page 139 of the pdf, where Title IX - PROHIBITION OF SEX DISCRIMINATION begins

For context and perspectives, try a catalog search for law library materials on the subject of Title IX: