Resource Review: American Presidency Project

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As last month marked the first year of President Biden’s term in office, it seems appropriate to highlight the American Presidency Project hosted by U.C. Santa Barbara on this President’s Day.  The APP collects documents and media relating to each and every president from eulogies to inaugural speeches to executive orders, all in one place.

a list of all the document types found on the American Presidency Project website

a transcript of a veto message from James Madison dated November 5, 1812 along with a portrait of the president.

The library is searchable by president, document type, or document attributes.  The site also includes an advanced search function so that a combination of criteria can be used. Beyond housing a collection of documents, the people behind the site have also crunched some of their data to provide some interesting statistics and analysis.  The collection is not comprehensive, but it is a pretty good source of works across all presidents and worth checking out if you need something presidential.

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a map of the 1860 presidential election vote showing the North-South divide

by guest author Dan Brackmann