LibraryFest 2017

LibraryFest 2017 is now in the books. Enjoy the photos we’ve posted to Facebook and Instagram. A time-lapse video is below, along with the full text of our librarian superhero descriptions from our librarian superhero poster.

Time-Lapse Video

One hour of LibraryFest, condensed into one minute:

Superhero Aliases

Master of the Universe
Duncan Alford

Mission: to guard cosmic knowledge from the forces of evil


  • laser vision;
  • speed reading;
  • leaping across tall book stacks in a single bound;
  • quantum mechanics;
  • navigating rotating wormholes to travel to far-flung galaxies


Sidekick: Slam, bodyguard of the Master


Arch Nemesis: Lord Voldemort

Agent Scholarly Research, aka Facilities Fighter
Candle Wester

Mission: to provide the utmost in research services to our law faculty—and to defend the law library’s carpet against stains.


  • unearthing impossible-to-find scholarly resources;
  • instantly reporting law library facility issues with deadly accuracy

Sidekick: HeinOnline

Arch Nemesis: The Unsecured Containers

The Gatekeeper
Andrew Kretschmar

Mission: to know where your books are—all day, every day.


  • the power to “renew” life
  • able to scan 50 bpm (books per minute)
  • able to flawlessly parallel park a book truck
  • able to spot a book thief from 10 shelves away
  • able to re-ink a stamp without getting hands dirty

    The Gate
  • able to talk any library into loaning its most valued holdings to our law students

Sidekicks: The Boolean Operators

Arch Nemesis: The All-Seeing BookEye Scanner

Catalog Queen

Alias: Amanda Bullington

Mission: to make the library’s collection easily accessible to all users.


  • adds materials to the library catalog with the speed of a cheetah;
  • evaluates catalog records with the eyes of an eagle;
  • improves catalog records with the determination of a grizzly bear

    Catalog Cat

Sidekick: Catalog Cat

Arch Nemesis: The Disorganizer

Acquisitions Acrobat

Alias: Megan Brown

Mission: to acquire and organize the best resources for students who wish to execute justice.


  • super-organization;
  • scouring the globe for the most exquisite scholarship

    Ripley-Cat, Box Inspector Extraordinaire

Sidekick: Ripley-Cat, Box Inspector Extraordinaire

Arch Nemesis: Ignorance

Favorite Book: Demons, by Fyodor Dostoevsky

The Phantom Librarian
Dan Brackmann

Mission: to spread the word of USC School of Law faculty scholarship far and wide.


  • arrives in the nick of time;
  • can properly cite a Texas case

Sidekick: Abacus Laptop

Arch Nemeses: Hurricane Harvey and El Severe

Professor LRAW
Terrye Conroy

Mission: to preserve and impart knowledge of legal research to future generations.


  • planning an entire semester in a single bound;
  • calculating grades with laser accuracy

Sidekick: The Citator

The Careless Googler

Arch Nemesis: The Careless Googler

The Rescuer
Rebekah Maxwell

Mission: to locate resources before you even think to need them, and swoop to the aid of anyone lost in the stacks.


  • ninja stealth;
  • super-acute hearing

Sidekick: Lord Percival “Percy” de Leoncoeur

Lord Percival
Barking-Mad Boris

Arch Nemesis: Barking-Mad Boris


Ready Reference
Eve Ross

Mission: to rescue lost researchers from rabbit-holes and cut pristine citation trails for others to follow.


  • formulating rapidfire, targeted search queries;
  • rocketing through cyberspace from jurisdiction to jurisdiction;
  • singlehandedly Shepardizing;
  • bravely leading expeditions backward through time, without fear of microfiche

    The Blue Bookworm

Sidekick: The Blue Bookworm

Et Sequitur

Arch Nemesis: Et Sequitur

Aaron Glenn

Mission: to assist weary researchers and preserve multimedia content for library patrons.


  • super-editing;
  • streaming video at the speed of light;

  • demystifying research resources;
  • organizing digital files with strategic precision

Sidekick: Action-Cam

Arch Nemesis: Server Outages