Law Library Construction Progress, Part IV

Students at Albright College in Reading, PA form a human chain to move books from their library’s former location to a building constructed in 1964.

Instead of a human chain, the law library will use professional movers who specialize in moving libraries to get all of our books and other materials from 701 South Main Street to 1525 Senate Street.

Here are our latest glimpses of the new space:

main entrance to the law school at 1525 Senate Street                                                  Photo: Duncan Alford
main lobby of the law school, looking down the classroom wing toward Gervais Street                   Photo: Duncan Alford
courtroom view from the lobby entrance                                                                           Photo: Duncan Alford
courtroom view toward the bench                                                                                        Photo: Duncan Alford
student lockers                                                                                                                            Photo: Duncan Alford
view of cafe and dining area                                                                                                  Photo: Duncan Alford
view of dining area, toward courtyard                                                                                Photo: Duncan Alford
view of the student commons facing the courtyard                                              Photo: Pamela Melton
law library circulation desk, near law library entrance, facing Gervais Street      Photo: Pamela Melton
law library reference desk, view facing Bull Street                                       Photo: Pamela Melton

We will be closed May 6 – May 29 due to the move.

We reopen at 1525 Senate Street on May 30, 2017.

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